Vezza d’Oglio boasts a centuries old history of art, culture and traditions, but also and most importantly, of ordinary people who tend to skimp on words but have never done so with their kindness and hospitality. Until only a few decades ago this was a rural farming area, the customs and traditions of which have been handed down and preserved until the present day. And so, wandering through the alleys of the town and nearby hamlets, you can still come across women busy doing their washing at the washing trough, hear the blacksmith’s chisel, or be enraptured by olden day smells wafting from kitchens. Folklore and traditions live all year round, witness to the local people’s love for bygone values that still survive today in everyday life. Every moment is good for singing, dancing and getting together in general and we sense this desire to make merry also from the numerous events which, at this point, have become a focus point in planning the town’s tourist packages.
Since 1972 the folk group Folk Grano has dedicated itself to keeping the traditions and customs of our land alive and incarnates the wish to rediscover and give lustre to the past. By reviving the high spirits and that unmistakable warmth, typical of mountain areas through traditional songs and dances, they promote our territory not only in Italy, but also abroad.